About Us

Pyramid is a group of young and enthusiastic technocrats engaged in the software development especially in mechanical engineering field. Pyramid has undertaken a massive project to incorporate all the mechanical product design knowledge base in software to enable mechanical industry to design products under consideration with high accuracy, in shortest time. With bare minimum inputs user can not only get the design parameters practically in seconds, but also can get automatic drafting resulting in saving of design time and elimination of tedious drafting work. High accuracy, scope for R&D, reducing designing man hours, no scope for human errors, reducing cost of manufacturing are the subsequent advantages. Pyramid envisioned this suite with the idea to reduce drastically growing design cost, design failures due to inadequate knowledge or human errors and the time consumed in repetitive calculations. Pyramid is backed up by skilled mechanical engineers as well as visiting design consultants who support its knowledge base. We at Pyramid also provide customization support as some industries have their own design expertise or have uncommon product range. Maintaining secrecy of business alliance partners' information has been a key factor.