Flat Belts are used to transmit power between two shafts by means of friction. In practice designer has to select a belt from the manufacturer's catalogues. While selecting flat belt drives, load correction factor, service factor and arc of contact factor have been considered. The range of optimum belt velocity has been taken from 17.8 m/s to 22.9 m/s. Both types of transmission belts- Hi-Speed duck belting and Fort duck belting has been considered in this package. Indian Standards (IS) are used throughout this module.


Advantages of using this software package.

  Reference of manuals and graphs is avoided.
  High accuracy in selection.
  Ideal selection avoids overheating and slippage of belts.
  Saves energy.
  Design of pulley.

Salient Features of the Design Package:


Separate module for design of each component.

  Output in milliseconds.
  High accuracy and reliability.
  Extremely user friendly.
  Simplifies Research and Development process.