In this package, gear design is checked against external load, dynamic load and war load factors. It provides for the optimum selection of gear manufacturing processes, pressure angles and gear materials, as also for design of gear shaft by considering combined bending and torsional stresses, vibrations and fatigue effect. Indian Standards (IS) are used throughout this module.

  Types of Gears included in this module.  
  Spur Gear
  Helical Gear
  Bevel Gear
  Worm and Worm Gear

Advantages of using this software package.

  Material of construction choice.
  Selection of manufacturing process.
  Selection of pressure angles.
  Variable safety factor as per convenience.

Salient Features of the Design Package:

  Separate module for design of each component.
  Output in milliseconds.
  High accuracy and reliability.
  Extremely user friendly.
  Simplifies Research and Development process.