A lever is a rigid rod or bar used as a machine to lift a load by the application of a small effort. Since the lever is frequently subjected to loads, it is necessary to design the lever considering maximum load and other stress factors. The user has to enter the load conditions and the stresses for the material used.

This software package has provision for selecting of the cross-section of the lever arm. The design can be checked for induced stress and the safe design is displayed on the screen. The lever design can be adjusted for width and thickness, if the selection is rectangular; minor and major axes, if the section is elliptical; and depth, thickness and width, if the section is I-section.


Advantages of using this software package.

  Practically all types of levers that are practically used in different machines and mechanisms can be designed.
  Easy calculation of effort required to operate/overcome induced load.
  Calculation of lengths of effort arm and load arm is simplified.
  Checking the design for safety at different points is possible.
  Provision for sectional selection of the lever arm, like rectangular, elliptical or I-section.

Salient Features of the Design Package:


Separate module for design of each component.

  Output in milliseconds.
  High accuracy and reliability.
  Extremely user friendly.
  Simplifies Research and Development process.