Pressure Vessels for a major part of the equipment used in the chemical industry. It is, therefore, desirable to consider the suitability of various materials, operating conditions, selection of accessories to get the optimal design.

  Advantages of using this software package.  

This software package covers all types of shells and heads, giving the user a wide range to select from.


This easy to use design package provides the user the choice considering only the internal pressure, or only the external pressure and both combined.


All the concerned graphs, standard tables and material properties are embedded in the package, so that it makes the complicated calculations easy.

Wherever necessary, ‘Auto mode' and ‘User mode' are provided, so that the user can fill up his values as per final values and check output.
Online popup messages are provided to assist the user step by step. This also helps the user in fabrication activities.
ASME standards are used throughout this module.

Salient Features of the Design Package:

  Separate module for design of each component.
  Output in milliseconds.
  High accuracy and reliability.
  Extremely user friendly.
  Simplifies Research and Development process.