V-Belts are mostly used in places where a large amount of power is to be transmitted by wedging action from one pulley to another when the two pulleys are near to each other .In practice, the designer has to select a belt section from the manufacturer's catalogue. Our software package covers selection of both types of V-Belt Drives- Classical and Wedge section. The number of belts to be selected can also be varied as per the user's requirements. While designing this package, service factor, arc of contact correction and belt length correction factors have been considered. This software enables you to select from an exhaustive range the appropriate drive in terms of power, speed and size. System International (SI) units are used throughout this module.


Advantages of using this software package.

  Reference of manuals and graphs is avoided.
  High accuracy in selection of V-Belt Drives.
  Ideal selection avoids overheating of belts.
  Saves energy.
  Numbers of belts and pulley size can be varied as per convenience.

Salient Features of the Design Package:


Output in milliseconds.

  High accuracy and reliability.
  Extremely user friendly.
  Simplifies Research and Development process.